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Set the Mood Crystals

Spazazz Set the Mood Crystals


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PROVEN TO BE SPA SAFE the crystals will not clog jets, filters, are affect the water chemistry.


  1. Temptation - (Appletini) Immerse into a sinful fantasy of sultry french vanilla.
  2. Seduction - (Love Potion#9) Immerse in a seductive fantasy. Ready to simmer with whom you desire.
  3. Tantalize - (Chocolate Lover's Cocktail) Immerse slowly into a tantric fantasy drizzled in provacative dark chocolate generously kissed by toasted almonds.
  4. Erotic - (Sex on the Beach) Immerse in a steamy erotic fantasy with this recipe of crystallized sin. An erotic blend of exotic nectar and sexy peach schnapps spiked with vodka. Hot water and crystals are intertwined to ignite your passion.
  5. Fantasize - (Pina Colada) Immerse into an exotic fantasy. Unwind, caress, and play, as sweet pineapple begins to tickle 'n tease. Unleash mischievous behavior with a shot of rum. Swirl in coconut cream to inspire wet 'n wild playtime.
  6. Happy Hour - (Margarita) Immerse in this euphoric south of the border fantasy with this stimulating blend of tingly tequila, Mexican lime, triple sec, and don't forget to squeeze the lemons.
  7. Romance - (Strawberries and Champagne) Immerse into a romantic fantasy of luscious strawberries drenched in tingly champagne as the bubbles transcend ecstasy straight to the head.
Spazazz Set the Mood Crystals Available Aromas
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