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AquaFinesse works with your ozone system and filter to remove bacteria and bio-film. Use Aqua Finesse once per week to keep your spa water crystal clear. You'll never go back to a harsh chemical routine once you have tried AquaFinesse.

Aqua Finesse was developed in Europe as one of the most effective means of spa water care with proven results. Eliminate the need for alkalinity balance, pH adjustment and test strips with his proprietary formula. With trace amounts of tri-chlor, Aqua Finesse is a salt based solution  which sanitizes the water with no offensive odor. AquaFinesse leaves  a soft, pleasing lavendar scent.

AquaFinesse releases calcium and scale buildup from equipment and spa pipes to extend the life of your spa by up to three times longer than other harsh chemical treatments. Aqua Finesse can save you up to 26 hours per year in spa and hot tub water maintenance. This product revolutionizes the way you will think about spa water care!


  • World’s first automatic water balancing system specifically made for spa and hot tubs.
  • One box contains everything you need for 3-months.
  • Gentle lavender aroma.
  • No discoloration of swimsuits or hair.
  • Dermatologist tested.
  • Is good for the skin, leaving it feeling soft and clean.
  • Environmentally safe.
  • Simple to use.
  • Once-a-week treatment takes just a few minutes.
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