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Hot Tub Covers (Ellipse or Tapered)- SASRCRE
1: Please give us your Measurements:
How to measure a Hot Tub



Hot Tub Cover Rounded Corners
(Round up to nearest inch)
(Round up to nearest inch)
(Round up to nearest inch)
(Round up to nearest inch)

 Choose Fold Direction:

2: Please click on the color you would like for your hot tub cover.
3: Please choose the cover thickness (Taper): - (Insulation)
Hot Tub Cover - Taper 4" to 2"
4" to 2" Taper Warm Climate or Indoor- FREE
Hot Tub Cover R-Values
Hot Tub Cover - 5" to 3" Taper
5"to 3"Taper(Recommended)Add$34.99
Hot Tub Cover - 6" to 4" Taper
6" to 4" Taper- (BEST Insulation) - Add $49.00
4: Please Select (Foam Density) Polystyrene Inserts: - (Strength)
1# Foam Standard - FREE
1 1/2# Foam (Recommended) - Add$34.99
2# Foam (BEST - Strongest) - Add $49.00
5: Postion of Tie Down Straps:
All covers include 4 tie downs with new locking hardware. Please Select your Tie Down Placement:
6: Please Select Skirt Length:
Hot Tub Cover Skirt Lenght
(In Inches)
A 2.5" Skirt Length will be used if no length is entered above!
A spa cover skirt is the portion of your fabric that extends down from your cover bottom and overlaps the top of your spa. Cover skirts help protect the acrylic part of your spa from UV damage so it's important that they hang down enough to cover the acrylic.
7: Available Options:
Thick 4 Mil Vapor Barrier (Heat Sealed) - FREE
Double Barrier Upgrade (Foam wrapped Twice) - Recommended - Add- FREE
Insulated Steam Stoppers (2) - FREE
Upgrade to a Full Length Steam Stopper- Add $24.99
2 Reinforced Handles (Nylon) - FREE
Upgrade Reinforced Vinyl Handles and Vinyl Tie Downs- FREE $15.00 Upgrade - FREE
8: Please give us some information about your Spa (Optional)
Allows designer to double check your dimensions! *(If we have your spa in our system.)
Spa Make (Brand)
Spa Model
9: Additional Customer Comments:
10: (Optional) Add a Cover Lift:
Hot Tub Cover Lifters
11: (Optional) Add a Cover Cap:
Hot Tub Cover Cap
12: Terms and Conditions:
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All covers are custom made. Please feel free to email us with any questions.

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