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Premium Replacement Spa Cover - Odd Shaped SASOS
Do you need an usual shape spa cover? We have the ability to make any shape and size spa cover. Feel free to email us to ask us any questions. It may be that we can direct you right away to one of our available configuration shapes. Otherwise we will ask you to make a template that we can use to build you your new premium cover.
Please email us with any questions.
Spa Cover Custom Shape Spa

How To Make A Spa Cover Template
For an odd-shaped spa, you can easily make a template which we can use to make your cover. From any home improvement store, obtain the following supplies to make the tracing.

  1. Clear Plastic Painter's Tarp
  2. Roll of Masking Tape
  3. Permanent Marking Pen.
Spa / Hot Tub Cover Radius


  1. Drape the clear plastic over the top of the spa.
  2. Tape the plastic to the sides of the spa cabinet of platform surface. (If in-ground or in-deck spa)
  3. When plastic is taut, first write the word "Top" on it, the trace an outline of the spa shell using a felt tipped permanent marker, leaving a little extra (1/2" or so) all around the perimeter.
  4. IMPORTANT: Be certain to mark "Top" on the side of the template. Otherwise, your cover could be make incorrectly as a mirror image of your spa. Also, write your name and phone number on the template.
  5. For in-ground spas without rims please add at least 6-8" to the opening dimensions (length and width) so that your cover will be supported properly and extend past the spa opening at least 3-4" on all sides.
  6. Please email us for more information and for the mailing instructions for the template.

All covers are custom made. Please feel free to email us with any questions.

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